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NHL Uniform Ranked
January 2016

Analysis of the best uniforms in today’s NHL begins with the classic look of the so-called Original Six with four teams faring better than the remaining two.

Before going on, it first requires looking at the Chicago Blackhawks signature Indianhead logo. To some it is classic, but, to others It’s offensive. Just note what the University of North Dakota has done with its similar hockey jerseys. It’s time for Chicago to dump the Indian’s head from its otherwise flawless home and away jerseys. Boston needs to stop fussing around with its signature gold-and-black look and settle for something consistent.

Here is the ranking for all 30 teams based on a 20-point rating system:

Detroit (20 points) Big Red team.

Montreal (20 points) Viva les Canadiens.

New Jersey (20 points) Solid.

Rangers (19 points) Shadow-drop numbers classic.

Toronto (18 points) Leggings’ circus stripes cost style points.

Ottawa (16 points) Textbook smart.

Arizona (14 points) Reasonably mundane.

Boston (13 points) Faded glory.

Tampa Bay (13 points) Improvements duly noted.

Philadelphia (11 points) Tradition can only be taken so far.

Islanders (11 points) Do they know they’re in Brooklyn?

Winnipeg (11 points) Drop Columbia blue accents.

Chicago (10 points) Indianhead logo not appreciated here.

St. Louis (10 points) Great logo, rest subpar.

Florida (9 points) Okay, but stale.

Colorado (9 points) Losing initial charm.

Calgary (8 points) Trying too hard.

Minnesota (8 points) Confusing logo; need to toss red unis.

Edmonton (8 points) WHA look no longer relevant.

Nashville (7 points) Missed mark.

San Jose (7 points) Broken sticks?

Washington (6 points) Dated 20th century look.

Buffalo (6 points) Bruins wannabes.

Pittsburgh (6 points) All flash, no substance.

Carolina (5 points) What is that alternate logo?

Columbus (4 points) Playing imitation games.

Dallas (4 points) Reboot results in disappointment.

Vancouver (3 points) Perfect for high school team.

Anaheim (2 points) Missed opportunities.

Los Angeles (0 points) Medieval gangland.

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